Walnut/Zebrano/Purpleheart 20/12/14/16 + "Offcuts" snare kit


Here are all the photos of my most recent drum kit, from initial sketches through to the final setup. The whole thing took a whisker under 12 months to build.

The drums are all constructed in a stave/segmented hybrid style where I made rings of walnut, purple heart and zebrano with vertically oriented grain, which were then stacked and rounded. The drums have slightly progressive thicknesses, from a shell of about 6mm on the 12" tom to about 8mm on the kick drum. They have integrated reinforcement rings, so the shells are ½" thick at the bearing edges. The toms and snare batter have a 1/8" roundover edge with a 45° relief. Snare reso edge is 45°. Kick drum has ¼" full roundover edges. The snare is made from leftover scraps of these woods as well as some jarrah I had spare.
The drums are finished with epoxy as a sealer coat then wipe-on poly. The interiors are 'Gretsch Silver Sealer' grey because, as you will see, I had a couple of router blow outs and the only way to fix these was to fill the gouges and cover them!

Suppliers and parts that I didn't build are:
- Mathews Timber for the wood: https://www.mathewstimber.com.au/
- Stellar Hoops for the bass hoops (walnut interior plies, purple heart exterior ply with a zebrano inlay): https://www.stellardrumshop.com/
- INDe Drum Lab for the floor tom brackets: https://www.indedrum.com/
- Snare throw off is a DW Mag Throw with 3-position butt plate and a Puresound Custom Pro 20-strand wire.
Badges by Name Badges Australia: https://www.stellardrumshop.com/
Evans Drumheads: G1 coated over clear on the smaller toms and snare, G12 coated over G1 clear on the 16", EQ4 Frosted Batter and Black REMAD on the kick. Small pillow in the kick stolen from my child's bedroom.
Everything else from Drum Factory Direct https://www.drumfactorydirect.com/ and Bunnings

© Stuart Anderson 2019